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Opoctus was a clone of Octopus58 created by the Unknown Entity, much like the Sun Octopus and the Moon Octopus. He was sent with the intent to kill Octopus58 and establish power in SP. However, since he still had the DNA of the SP Heart, he was able to be revived and saved, bringing him over to the good side.

Unlike Octopus58, he was not born on Earth. While he was an antagonist, he would hide in alternate realities he created within SP that still exist (The White Throne Room, Red Spike Sphere, Tubular Fields). Now however, he does not have a stable home. Rather he walks around all day, and is especially active at night watching over the land.

Opoctus is snarky and makes a lot of remarks. He doesn't show it, but he really cares for all the creatures of SP, and tries to protect them at all costs.

He is most often seen communicating with the SP creatures, accompanying them when they are on adventures. He is also seen as part of the Octopus Legion; However, he has no assigned number to him as he is considered an exceptional clone due to his default behaviors.

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Opoctus was created by the Unknown Entity, to take over SP and take out Octopus58. Due to him being a clone, he had enough genetic accuracy to be able to break through the barrier/airspace of SP to get in. At first, his presence was unknown. He made an alibi named Corren, who spread the 8 Corruption Servers, and kept the Seven Servers and Octopus58 busy while Opoctus would build pocket realms with malicious properties. When Corren was defeated and turned good, Opoctus gained enough power to emerge and cause true horror. He nearly hijacked all of SP, which forced the SP creatures to travel through his pocket realms and try to defeat him. Opoctus had intense battles between the creatures, but still managed to over power them. After turning to his corrupted octopus form (Opoctal Opoctus), in the last battle at the Red Spike Sphere, he corrupted Octopus58's heart. Unable to become corrupt, he shut down for a bit in an emergency procedure. Since he is immortal, however, he didn't die. Rather, he and the Seven Servers started slowly concentrating into one point of space (like a black hole), causing massive energy and eventually becoming a ball of very bright light, otherwise known as the Super Pure form. Opoctus managed to get enough blows to the heart by the creatures in Super Pure to the point where Unknown Entity's effects reverted and Opoctus's heart uncorrupted, turning into a pure SP Heart. This caused Opoctus to become good, while he still had information and abilities given to him by the Unknown Entity. He quickly befriended all of the SP creatures, meanwhile, the Unknown Entity decided to send a cross universal attack, an attack on Earth itself (Plot for Devastation)

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Opoctus by default has a regular human body. However, instead of having a regular heart, he has an SP Heart. This is what allows him to create, have power, and be immortal. His SP Heart also has different dark powers given to him by the Unknown Entity.

He often chooses to either turn into his Octopus form, or suit up into his Octosuit (or for heavier battles, his Pentasuit). His Octosuit is made out of Nega-Emereldium, and has a Nega-Turqoisonite frame. His visor is made out of light blue one way glass. His most commonly used attachment for his left hand is a laser emitter, and a four barrel machine gun for his right.

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Like any creature in SP, Opoctus has the option to use any ability or power. However, as a preference, he likes using Darkness and Corrupted energy. When fighting, he often uses dark corrupted magic (even though he is pure, he can still use it).

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Opoctus has many different forms that each have a specific role to execute a certain action.

- Super: Hair turns purple and eyes turn light blue, skin turns darker (while human). Skin turns dark blue (while Octopus).

- Super 2: Hair turns purple and eyes turn light blue, skin remains the same (while human). Skin turns light purple (while Octopus).

- Super 3:Body starts steaming light purple and blue, Opoctus becomes a red silhouette. Same for both Human and Octopus forms.

- Super Pure: Opoctus turns into a small instance of red colored shining light about half a meter in diameter. Collision with this very bright ball causes massive damage, nearly infinite. Opoctus has the biggest Super Pure form, due to how many pure energies were used to turn him good. Visible space around him is insanely warped, way more compared to other Super Pures.

- Corrupted: Opoctus's corrupted form is the same for all forms (Human/Octopus). His head becomes his Octopus form, except with two stretched black and red eyes vertically aligned. The tentacles have spikes, and cover the shoulders of his body which is buffed and has eight tentacles coming out the back. His legs have spikes on the bottom. He has no Corruption Shard due to him naturally having corruption in him.

- Human: Opoctus's default form. Tan skin, brown hair, tall, skinny.

Costumes and Personas Edit

Opoctus enjoys taking on different roles and personas through special appearances.

- Opoctal Knight: A copy of Octopus58's Blue Cape form. Except the hat is black with white cow spots, and his cape is orange. Instead of fighting with weapons, Opoctal Knight fights with his fists and releases tentacles form his back. In this form, his iris can turn bright red while the whites of his eyes turn dark red.

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  • Opoctus sits in The White Throne Room when he takes periods of time to charge, upgrade, or think
  • Opoctus loves eating almonds. He feels as if they "fuel" him.
  • Octopus58 and Opoctus often tag team for small adventures.
  • Opoctus is a huge fan of sparing, he loves fighting for fun. However he also uses it for extreme measures of practice.
  • Opoctus shares Octopus58's obsession for large doses of Spirtako. They often act naughty after just a couple of sips.