General Edit

Emereldium is a Type A SP Element. Virtually indestructable, but easily morphs. It appears to be like glass, but reflective, and very bright green. Its properties can be modified by the owner of the Emereldium object/decive (who must have a pure SP Heart).

Naturally, Emereldium has 5 threads and 8 cores. It is not reactive, so it has 0 reactometers.

Variations of Emereldium include:

  • Inf-Emereldium: has an infinite amount of threads, cores, and reactometers. It is very bright white, and emits light constantly.
  • Infa-Emereldium: Uses the properties of Inf-Emereldium, but structures itself together with other methods of composition, releasing no light at all, appearing as a black void. It is solid, but reflects no light, and absorbs all of it.
  • Nega-Emereldium: has 5 threads, 8 cores, and 1 reactometer. It is composed differently from any other Isotope, as it composes and clusters better in the presence of corrupted elements. It appears to be purple, but emits red bright gas.